Advanced DAX Workshop

This three-day workshop is an advanced course on DAX and Tabular Patterns, based on DAX expressions. DAX is the native language of both PowerPivot for Excel and SSAS Tabular model in Microsoft SQL Server Analysis Services 2012. The training is aimed at Advanced PowerPivot users and Analysis Services developers that want to master the DAX language.


Attendees need to have a basic knowledge of the SQL 2012 Analysis Services Tabular modeling or they need to be familiar with PowerPivot for Excel and have produced at least some basic reports. A prerequisite of the course is the participation to a SSAS Tabular or PowerPivot Workshop, or having equivalent experience.

The training is aimed at BI Developers and PowerPivot for Excel users who want to exploit the full potential of DAX language and to improve their skills in data modeling and performance optimization.


  • DAX Introduction
  • Evaluation Contexts Recap
  • o Filter Context
  • o Row Context
  • Evaluation Contexts and Relationships
  • Querying Tabular
  • The Vertipaq Engine
  • Advanced DAX
  • o Understanding Cross filters
  • o Internal materialization – monitor memory usage
  • Time Intelligence in DAX
  • Data Modeling in Tabular
  • o DAX Patterns
  • o Leveraging Calculated Columns
  • Moving business logic from ETL to Tabular model
  • Analyzing DAX Execution plan
  • Optimizations and Monitoring

Hands-On Lab Sessions

Bring your own notebook to run hands-on lab sessions assisted by our teachers. We provide a detailed setup guide and exercise files so that you can prepare your computer in advance. We suggest Excel 2013 or SQL Server 2012 with Analysis Services Tabular installed in your notebook. You will receive these notes two weeks before the course. Optimization labs require SQL Server Analysis Services Tabular installed in your laptop.


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