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This is a one-day hands-on / bring your own laptop course where you will learn to create powerful business apps with PowerApps. PowerApps is an O365 service that lets us build business apps that can run in the browser, tablet, or phone. To build PowerApps, no coding experience is required since PowerApps combines visual drag-and-drop concepts with Excel-like expressions for building the logic and working with data.


The course will skip the introduction and “what” part and go straight to the “how” part. Giving more time to get hands-on, use the tool, learn the best practices and understand the more advanced stuff. The target audience is BI professionals, consultants, business analysts and managers.


Building PowerApps apps​

  • Introduction to PowerApps Studio
  • Creating apps from templates
  • Creating apps from scratch
  • Screens and Pages
  • Screen components: Forms, DataCards, Controls, …
  • Handling bindings
  • Versioning, publishing and sharing apps
  • App usage analytics

​ PowerApps advanced features

  • ​Using functions, signals, enumerations and named operators
  • Using rules to trigger based on conditions
  • Understanding and applying data source delegation

​ The Microsoft Common Data Model

  • ​What is the Microsoft Common Data Model (CDM)
  • Managing entities
  • Working with structured metadata
  • Importing and exporting data
  • Excel integration for CDM
  • Managing security
  • Building Apps with CDM

​ Using PowerApps for on premises data

  • ​What are gateways?
  • Set up a gateway for on premises connections

​ PowerApps Admin Center

  • ​Managing connections
  • Managing environments and security
  • Managing data policies
  • Migrating PowerApps apps and resources

​ PowerApps for mobile

  • Capabilities of PowerApps App for IOS, Android and Windows 10 mobile


On this course we not only have one, but two of the the world’s leading experts.

Serge Luca aka “Doctor Flow” in the Flow community, is a belgian 12 years Microsoft MVP (currently in office 365 and Microsoft Flow), co-author of a book in SharePoint 2013, author for SharePoint Pro Magazine and well known international speaker at events such as Ignite, ESPC14, ESPC15, ESPC16, ESP17, ESP18, The Collaboration Summit, SharePoint Summit Canada, TechDays, Tech Ed and many SharePoint Saturdays around the world. He is also an Ignite speaker (Orlando 2018) and a contractor for the Microsoft Flow team.

Ahmad Najjar is an enthusiastic developer heart and soul and a senior consultant based in Oslo at Infoworker. He is also a Business Applications MVP. When not building PowerApps and Microsoft Flow he is working with SharePoint, where his experience go back to the beta version of MOSS 2007.

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