Tuning Diagnosing and Fixing Hard Problems

This course is suitable for developers who access databases, for database administrators, data warehouse and business intelligence developers and of course for professional tuning consultants. It aims to take you beyond best practices and go below the surface into  the realm of measurement and KNOWLEDGE about why your implementation works or doesn’t. The trainer is Thomas Kejser.


  • Experience running SQL Server
  • Fundamental index tuning and query plan analysis skills
  • Basic understanding of operating system


Modul 1:

  • Single Threaded Optimisation
  • Workload Classification
  • Join algorithms (re)visited
  • Query pattern and expected behaviours
  • Measuring CPU time and basic Xperf skills

Modul 2:

  • Stack walking and symbol resolution
  • Classifying time outside the database (.NET and other code)
  • Digging into strange wait types
  • Getting I/O right
  • Getting Networking right

Modul 3:

  • Multi threaded Optimisation
  • Thread Bottlenecks and shared context
  • Allocations and transaction log file optimisation
  • Spinlocks and classification
  • What is CXPACKET? When should you worry?
  • Avoiding shared context in SQL Server

Modul 4:

  • Advanced Xperf Configuration
  • Bad Drivers: Troubleshooting DPC/ISR issues
  • Affinity masks and cache coherency
  • NUMA optimisations


The trainer is Thomas Kejser, formerly of the SQL CAT Team and now CTO at Livedrive. Building multi-terabyte- sized data warehouses, setting up OLTP systems for extreme scale and tuning world record data movement speed are some of Thomas’ recent achievements.

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