Automated Test and Deployment

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This one-day workshop is an advanced course in automated test and deployment of Microsoft BI solutions.


The target audience for this course is intermediate-to-experienced Microsoft Business Intelligence developers (or quick learners) who wish to learn more about test and deployment and the ways to automate it.


Module 1: Introduction

  • What is Continuous Deployment and Continuous Integration
  • What is automation?
  • Why automate?
  • Overview of different tools

Module 2: Getting started with NBi

  • Framework for testing BI solutions (Databases, ETL, Cubes, Reports)
  • Types of tests (unit, api, acceptance, functional etc.)
  • Add-on for NUnit
  • Just create an XML file
  • NBi and test environment setup

Module 3: Generating tests with NBi

  • Creating of a set of test-cases
  • Writing a template for the test
  • Applying the template to each test-case
  • Defining the settings of your test-suite
  • Automating creation of test-cases with GenBI and genbiL

Module 4: DB deployment with SSDT and TFS

  • Release Management
  • DAC framework
  • Detecting and managing DB drift
  • Code analysis rules in SSDT
  • Build engine and MSBuild

Module 5: Deployment of BI components

  • SSIS: ISPAC, ISDeploymentWizard and Stored Procedures
  • SSAS: Microsoft.AnalysisServices.Deployment
  • SSRS: RS Utility

Module 6: Further automation

  • PowerShell
  • TeamCity
  • Octopus

The course includes hands-on labs: you will make practice using your own notebook.

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