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Building tomorrows ETL architecture with BIML and MDS today.

In this hands-on / bring your own laptop course, Rasmus Reinholdt will show how you can take your ETL to the next level. You will go from “Zero to BIML to BIMLScript” in the duration of the two days. That means, that leaving the course, you will never ever again have to go over hundreds of packages to change a datatype or add a column, all you’ll need to do, is to change your meta-data and you are home free.

As our meta-data repository, we will use SQL Servers built-in Master Data Services. You will be given a thorough introduction to this component and learn how to use and administer it.

Besides getting a working knowledge of BIML AND MDS, and become able to use that in your ETL development, you will also get an overview of, and get to work with, the following advanced ETL concepts in a BIML context:

  • Early arriving facts
  • SCD with script task
  • Least interdependent structure
  • CDC

At the end of the course, this combination will not only make you able to build the best ETL structure possible, but do so meta-driven with BIML.

As this is a bring your own laptop invitation, we will build the solution together, and you will have a working BIML model, that you have built yourselves, and understands at the end of day 2. Therefore; after course, you can go straight to work, and start implementing your new BIML meta-data framework.


You should have a working knowledge about SSIS and general ETL concepts to get the most out of the workshop, but no prior knowledge about BIML is required, we will start from scratch.


Day 1

Intro to BIML

  • What can I use BIML for and what are the use cases
  • Why use BIML, the business case and customer approach
  • How, the tools and concepts

Building your first BIML model

Getting the rest of the building blocks ready

Day 2

Advanced BIML, aka work smarter, not harder

  • The architecture and framework development
  • Include files
  • Transformers

Apply the new concepts to your BIML model, and turn it into a framework

Intro to advanced ETL in a BIML context

  • CDC
  • Early arriving facts
  • SCD with script task
  • Least interdependent structure

Finalize your model

Hands-On Lab Sessions

This is a hands-on / bring your laptop course, so attendants are supposed to bring a laptop with SSMS, SSDT-BI / Visual Studio and BIDSHelper or BIMLExpress to get the most out of it.

You will receive notes approx. two weeks before the course.

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