Super-Scaling SQL Server


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This course is level 400+ and targets the sweet spot between designing for performance and maintaining performance and is therefore relevant to Architects, Developers and DBAs alike, and as for Consultants… you will be guaranteed a brand new power-tool in the tool box.

You will learn how to use xPerf and xEvents to scientifically measure, diagnose and resolve performance and scalability issues, covering both SQL Server and the code that accesses the database.

While the curriculum assumes you already familiar with basic indexing strategies and query tuning, you will learn more about the internals of query execution and good join strategies. The course will cover tuning patterns that you can apply to proactively make your designs scalable before any nasty surprises happen. The course will provide insights into spinlocks, latching, hardware-specific tricks and other more obscure areas of SQL Server so you are armed to take on the hardest tuning challenges.


Module 1:

  • Single Threaded Optimisation
  • Workload Classification
  • Join algorithms (re)visited
  • Query pattern and expected behaviours
  • Measuring CPU time and basic Xperf skills

Module 2:

  • Stack walking and symbol resolution
  • Classifying time outside the database (.NET and other code)
  • Digging into strange wait types
  • Getting I/O right
  • Getting Networking right

Module 3:

  • Multi threaded Optimisation
  • Thread Bottlenecks and shared context
  • Allocations and transaction log file optimisation
  • Spinlocks and classification
  • What is CXPACKET? When should you worry?
  • Avoiding shared context in SQL Server

Module 4:

  • Advanced Xperf Configuration
  • Bad Drivers: Troubleshooting DPC/ISR issues
  • Affinity masks and cache coherency
  • NUMA optimisations
  • Key Benefits

This course will provide SQL Server professionals with deep insights into performance tuning techniques.

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